Vending machines for all operators

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AutoDr Ltd is a comprehensive supplier of vending machines. We already serve several multiple corporate customers around Finland. Vending and
rental vending machines allow the company to take on the most advanced technology and automate sales and rental situations, such as ticket sales or trailer rentals. We provide a number of ready-made solutions that are already being used by numerous satisfied customers. We can also tailor the right solution for your business’ needs.

A vending machine handles simple sales transactions with ease

Do your staff have their hands full of work? Do queues seem to bother your customers during peak hours? Would you like to provide quality customer service, effortlessly at
any time of the day? Vending machines allow you to sell simple products and services without binding staff to the sales event.

Vending machines can already be found in many Finnish companies that have embraced this technology-driven solution which makes life easier for entrepreneurs and customers. Ticket vending machines, coffee vending machines or snack vending
machines are just examples of what we have to offer. Would you like to implement a solution that is already serving countless satisfied customers? Whether you want to sell concert tickets or wheelbarrows, we can tailor a self-service device to support your business' needs

Rental vending machines are modernising services

Traditionally, rental or loan transactions have been handled face-to-face with company staff. These events can also be automated. The possibilities can be considered endless.

Let us look at a traditional gas station. It rents trailers and the staff handles the paperwork, fees and key deliveries associated with the rental. This process can be done differently in order to save staff time. Furthermore, the service can be made available to customers around the clock. A rental vending machine handles transactions 24/7 on a regular basis.