Easy access with service machines

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AutoDr Ltd provides service machines, i.e. automated turnstiles and event gates for several types of businesses. There are countless opportunities
for service machines. Let us introduce a technology that makes your life easier. We tailor a solution to support the needs of your business.

Leading technology creates improved service

For us at AutoDr Ltd, the customer is the most important and we want to make your customers’ service experiences quick, easy and affordable. Developments in information technology have opened and are constantly opening up new opportunities. We are here to help you leverage the benefits of technology to improve your business
and your customers’ experiences.

We have implemented solutions for many industries across Finland – such as Helsinki,
Turku, Tampere and Oulu – solutions which make customer experiences more enjoyable. These solutions include, for example, automated turnstiles for premises and events, self-service payment devices in canteens, cafes and gas stations. The possibilities are almost endless. You know your business and your customers' needs. We harness the technology and tailor the right solution for your business together with you.

We work closely with our trusted partners and rely on well-known operators in service
and device manufacturers. Therefore, we can implement demanding solutions for
today's business needs.

Automated turnstiles remove queues

In traditional staffed entry to an event area, the payment process is always a bottleneck and queues can be formed. However, automated entry can prevent queues from forming. An automated turnstile is a gate with a payment terminal where the customer can enter after making a payment.

This technology can be used in a variety of environments, such as buffet lunches, museums, fairs and concerts. We have already removed the queues of several lunch restaurants and event organizers with our turnstiles.

Get in touch. AutoDr Ltd brings automated turnstiles for your convenience!