Ready-to-use and customised self-service devices

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AutoDr Ltd offers several ready-to-use and customized self-service devices for businesses. We have implemented a number of
different self-service solutions, such as fault testing kiosks for cars, different types of vending machines and service machines, that work as entry gates to an event area or enable self-payment for lunch.

Serving customers around the clock

Self-service devices can automate existing business operations or bring more consumer-friendly services to the service portfolio. Automation is a great way to grow your business and increase your cash flow without great risk nor investment.

Automated machines are a very cost-effective solution that can improve the use of human resources. Self-service devices are available to customers at any time of the day, without binding existing company staff or requiring additional staff.

Our devices can serve customers tirelessly 24/7. They treat customers equally, regardless of language, for example, as they can be programmed to operate in any desired language. They may also help you gain further sales by offering customers additional products or promotions.

Self-service devices work fast and reduce queues. They can be utilized to overcome congestion situations both indoors and outdoors.

Immediate service – no queues

Self-service devices create a pleasant customer experience. The customer does not have to queue as the vending machine handles customers at a steady rate, thus often avoiding lines altogether.

The devices are also capable of unloading a sudden queue with efficiency. For the customer, the self-service device offers quick service – at any given time. The machines
are easy to use and have a low operating threshold, especially after the initial use. A satisfied customer will return!

Let us automate for you

Our company is a comprehensive developer of automated service devices. We have implemented a number of different self-service devices for a range of sectors.

Fault testing kiosks for cars, ticket vending machines, trailer rental machines, festival entrance gates and gym access control systems are some examples of our products – and we can tailor directly for your needs. When you need automation, we are the first choice.

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