Fault testing kiosks for cars

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AutoDr Ltd delivers fault testing kiosks for cars which enable the customer to easily perform workshop-level electronic fault testing at any time. Currently,
tens of thousands of tests are carried out on existing kiosks every year. When you want to introduce automated fault testing for cars into your service portfolio, AutoDr Ltd will help!

Simple, workshop-level fault testing

AutoDr Ltd's flagship product is the fault testing kiosk for cars, which allows the customer to perform electronic, workshop-level fault testing on their cars at any time with ease. A malfunction test will help you determine a cause, perform an emission check before the MOT, and inspect the car's electrical systems before purchase.

The fault tester provides quick answers to problematic situations, lets you know of a need for repair, helps you avoid MOT re-examination and reduces the risks when buying a car.

To use the fault testing kiosk is easy: the customer enters the registration number of their car and follows the instructions on the screen. In addition, the machine provides the ability to clear and reset fault codes – it is inexpensive and always open.

System testing

A workshop-level system test is performed on all supported systems. We support over 4,000 models and 54,000 different systems.

The test covers the engine, gearbox, airbags, brakes and comfort features.

It is based on technology commonly used in Finnish garages.

Emission testing

The European standard OBD emission test analyses the emission-related DTCs from the engine and gearbox. The test covers cars made 2001 or later. The same reliable test method is used at MOT centres across Finland and Sweden.

In Finland, our fault testing kiosks for cars can already be found at Motonet's Motomat service points. At Motomat, the customer performs an OBD and system test conveniently
without an appointment. Additional small measurements and installations are also available.

Tens of thousands of tests are already being conducted on a yearly basis and customer satisfaction has been great. Place an order for a fault testing kiosk and compete with good service against e-commerce for instance!

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