Functional self-service machines

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AutoDr Ltd delivers self-service machines for several types of companies. We provide functional self-service stands such as fault
testing kiosks for cars, vending machines and turnstiles which allow entry after payment. Our solutions automate simple processes, help reduce queues and make payments effortless for the consumer.

Freedom in transactions

AutoDr Ltd is a comprehensive self-service automation developer based in the south of Finland. We specialise in providing companies with functional self-service solutions that provide customers freedom in time and place.

For us, the customer is the most important and we want to make serving the customer fast, easy and inexpensive. The development of information technology is constantly
opening up new opportunities and we want to introduce these opportunities directly to the customer. Our staff is highly educated and knowledgeable. By working closely with our partners, we can implement demanding solutions when required. We rely on well-known operators in service and device manufacturers.

We have been operating since 2012 and supply self-service machines to a variety of
industries. We serve companies both in Finland and abroad.

If it can be automated, we'll do it

Many things can be automated: with fault testing kiosks, customers can easily test their cars for defects. Car wash payment systems, door opening machines, gym class
booking machines and canteen checkouts are good examples of what we have  successfully automated so far.

We offer numerous ready-made solutions for service automation. The self-service devices can also be tailored to the specific needs of the company and its customers. If you are planning on automating something, we can help!

Self-service devices

Self-service devices

Self-service devices are available for a variety of purposes. We have both ready-made solutions and customized solutions for specific needs.

A customer using a fault testing kiosk

Fault testing kiosks for cars

With an automated fault testing kiosk, the customer can perform electronic fault testing on their car 24/7.

A vending machine in use

Vending machines

Vending machines can be used to sell and rent simple products and services.

Service machines

Service machines

The various turnstiles and event gates are some of the service automation we implement.

Improved service through automation

Automated machines serve customers tirelessly 24/7. They create clear benefits for both the business and the consumer.

Machines make more efficient use of the corporate customer's human resources and help keep staff costs under control – or even reduce them. For example, automating
payment (self-service payments) reduces queues. The vending machines can be used both inside a company’s premises and outdoors. They treat customers equally, regardless of language, for example, as the service is available in the desired languages. The self-service machines also ensure a consistent standard of service and are always open whenever desired. If necessary, they can be programmed to provide customers with additional products or promotions.

For the consumer, the self-service machine offers quick and easy service. Furthermore, the operating threshold for automated machines is very low, especially after the
first experience.

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